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Expert Witness Services


Bicksler and Associates, LLC has provided expert witness services in a multitude of cases, including those concerning condominiums, townhomes, common interest subdivisions, expert testimony on budgets, reserves, management and standards of care.

  • Retained by plaintiff through Stanley Feingold of Feingold & Youngling, a San Rafael law firm.  Case entitled Madison Village Townhouses vs. City of Petaluma.  My scope of work is to opine on the subject of the value of common area to the creating of a community in a homeowners association.  My disposition was taken once.  The case settled prior to trial.

  • Retained by defendant through Peggy Chang of Beckman, Feller & Chang a Berkeley law firm. Case entitled Castaneda, Hunt and Nguyen vs. Windsor Palms Plaza II Building 600 et al., County of Sonoma. My scope of work is to prepare an opinion on Declarant’s rights and architectural control matters. My deposition has been taken once. I also testified at the bench trial. 

  • Retained by defendant through Jeffrey R. Vincent of Clapp, Moroney, Bellagamba, Davis and Vucinich, a Pleasanton law firm.  Case entitled Ventimiglia vs. Dame’ Construction Company, Inc., et al. The case involves a property line and retaining wall dispute arising from the original development of the subdivision.  My scope of work is to opine on the creation of common interest developments and their long term management. The case settled prior to trial.

  • Retained by plaintiff, through Michael Blumenfeld, Esq., of the law firm of Sher & Blumenfeld, an Oakland firm.  Case entitled Peachtree Community Association Services, Inc. vs. Charles Mitchell dba Community Care Property Management. Superior Court, County of Alameda. My scope of work is to prepare an opinion regarding unfair competition, proprietary and confidential trade secrets, within the common interest subdivision management field. The case has settled.

  • Retained by defendant through Glenn Youngling of the Law Offices of Glenn Youngling, a San Rafael law firm.  Case entitled Bockley vs. Rancho Santa Margarita HOA.  Superior Court, County of Marin.  My scope of work was to prepare an opinion regarding an assessment formula for road maintenance.  My deposition was taken and I testified at trial.  The Court ruled in favor of the defendant.

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